Martin White's Stupid Accordion-Playing Face (martylog) wrote,
Martin White's Stupid Accordion-Playing Face


I'm still awake, waiting for two bits of my film to finish rendering. I've been Googling various permutations of my name (not for reasons of vanity, you understand: I recently stumbled across a forthcoming tour date in Basingstoke which no-one told me about and so I've become rather paranoid that I'll miss loads of gigs), and I found a reference to myself in the long-running technology newsletter Need To Know, which I have read keenly for many years now.

It's in an issue from over five years ago, but somehow I managed to miss the namecheck at the time and have only this evening discovered it. Back in the mists of time when I was at school a mutual friend brought the now-ubiquitous television composer Daniel Pemberton round to my house, where he regaled us with some grandiose concerto of his own composing on my mum's piano. He told me he was going to become a famous film composer. I showed him one of my daft D-Paint III animations and he vowed that he would write the music for my first proper film*. We never stayed in touch but I must have spotted his name in NTK, as I appear to have emailed them enquiring as to his whereabouts.

*a promise that in the past has also been recklessly made to me by Mitch Benn on the basis of my "evil gene" science fiction film idea. "That's bloody brilliant," he boomed. "I'll write the score for you for free if you ever get it made!" I like the idea of a sombre sf movie scored entirely with jaunty satirical pastiche songs, though I don't think that's what he had in mind.
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