Martin White's Stupid Accordion-Playing Face (martylog) wrote,
Martin White's Stupid Accordion-Playing Face


Another exhausting but well-received Karaoke Circus show last night, thanks to all who came along and special thanks to everyone who braved the stage. These shows get harder and harder to do - there's so many songs to learn, so much to organise, so many acts and guests and musicians to coordinate, string arrangements to write, and then the (very welcome) problem of dealing with the huge demand for tickets. The little downstairs room at the Albany was heaving last night, absolutely rammed with lovely people, all of whom were completely behind the evening, even when things went wrong, and go wrong they did, quite frequently! Not on a technical front, luckily - big shout out to mzdt for his sterling sound work - but rather worrying underrehearsal from us.

I was occasionally able to relax enough to enjoy it, and my highlights were:
- Jessica Hynes's barnstorming Ain't No Way
- the big cheer the string instrumental got during Something Stupid
- Tim E's crowd-pleasing, prize-winning It Must Be Love
- Dave Gorman's now-traditional stage-dive
- Chris Addison belting his way through Common People

And loads more. We had Josie Long singing Nothing Compares 2 U, Jeremy Hardy doing Don't You Want Me, Richard Herring singing Orgasm Addict and Andrew Collins singing Lithium. It was, as they say, a bit different.

Jess Hynes is determined to duet with Tim E at the next one. I for one can't wait to see that. We'll be rocking the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club on December the 3rd. Tickets on sale soon...
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